Comic Book

Hubert: His Story is meant to teach future generations about history. Accompanying the documentary film is a 20-page, full-color comic book for middle and high school students.

Here’s a PDF version of “Growing-up-Flint-style.”

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Meet the Artists


STACEY Fox – Lead Designer

Stacey Fox is a Transdisciplinary Artist in Residence in the School of Journalism at Michigan State University.  Her creative sound and design works have been experienced by global audiences of all ages in numerous venues including the University of Paris, Smithsonian Institution, Belarus Philharmonic, Gifu Performing Arts Center Japan, National Museum of Dance.

ADAM Lopez – Ink & Color

A renaissance man from Ypsilanti, Michigan, Adam Lopez is known as a high school football coach, a corporate security guard, a butcher, a writer, an actor, and an artist. Above all, he is a storyteller. He studies animation and comics at Michigan State University. Adam plans to make his own graphic novels and animated films. He lives in Okemos with his wife, Kari, and Zorro, their dog.

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